Asia of B2B Asia

Regional Alliance
We have this network in ASIA.


.Many Japanese companies in ASIA were started then. Some of them had celebrated 50th memorial anniversary in ASEAN.
Now we have 2 representative offices in Tokyo and Osaka.


Now there are so many Japanese companies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Big manufacturers are located in the north and many SME’s are located in the south.
Our partner had 2 offices in Vietnam, Hanoi and HCM.


Myanmar has changed since 2010. There are natural resources, agricultural materials and human resources. They need many infrastructure projects .Thai and Japanese government are supporting special economic zone in Myanmar. We have a native partner there.


Cambodia economy is booming now. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is growing; especially garment industry is the biggest. We have been there by bus and air from Thailand. We had flied HCM and went border of Vietnam last December. We have regular bus route from Bangkok to Phnom Penh and Siemleap. We are supporting to open a new Japanese garment factory .We have a local partner there.


The population is only 6 million but they have many natural resources. Somebody had told us that Laos is the battery of ASEAN, because there are so many Hydro power projects. Laos is a distribution hub for West to East and North to South. They have a potential location for logistic companies. We have a native partner.


Singapore is the top runner of ASEAN. Thailand is catching up to Singapore. There are so many Regional Operation Head (ROH) Quarter. Thai Board of Investment (BOI) is now inviting many ROH. But Singapore is still the center of logistic and financial in Asia. We had studied consumer market in Singapore in 2010.We had worked with local consultants companies.


Indonesia has over 3 hundreds Million population and it is the biggest in ASEAN. They have many natural resources include Coal, Gas and Oil. We had studied market of these suppliers. We have 2 networks in central Indonesia.


India is the most biggest liberal countiries.They have over 1.22Billion people and over 1700 languages.It is not easy to do business without Indian partners.
Who is the best partner and how to find it? Once we had been asked to find a good JP partner from Indian invester.We can support to do business with our partner in India.
We have 2 networks in New Delhi and Chennai.

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